Empowering Women...

...I am happy! I am loved. I love to be me! I am grateful.”...
...”Thank you for causing me to reflect on myself and on my journey to where I am! And also on the journey I want to strive to continue on.”...
...”Please know that what your team is doing does impact us “silent soldiers” in a positive way and I try to remember that we are all fighting our own battles.”...
...”Thank you for helping me find ME again Sweet {Jolie}....

Sweet {Jolie} is a primarily online-based women’s clothing boutique based out of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Owner/operator Nicole Rice started the company from a desire to empower herself and other women to rise from the many battles along the walk of womanhood to find self-confidence and strength to uplift others. By building an online community of women that are doing just that, Sweet {Jolie} offers so much more than clothing.

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Meet Our Team

We are real women who have fought our battles but have also found our tools of empowerment that enrich our lives and make it all worthwhile.


Battles: Self-Image, Past Abusive Relationship, Difficult Child Delivery x3
Tools of Empowerment: Stripes, Popcorn, Baths, Blankets, Mugs, Antiquing, Candles and Traveling
Fave Clothing Style: Off-the-shoulder and slouchy.
Age 36; Height 5'-4"; Weight 132 lbs


Battles: Self-Image, house fire, community fire, depression, single mom for 5yrs, body image post 3 c-sections
Tools of Empowerment: coffee, laying on the back deck in the sun in silence, popcorn, stripes, humour
Fave Clothing Style: POCKETS, STRIPES, loose fitting
Age 37 height 5'8 weight 172lbs


Battles: Body-Image, Eating Disorder, Balancing Finding Herself and Motherhood
Tools of Empowerment: Diet Coke, Running, Candles, Champagne Date Nights with Hubby
Fave Clothing Style: Basic tee and skinny jeans.
Age 30; Height 5'-10"; Weight 135 lbs

Battles: Chronic Illness, Self-Image, Delivering a Premature Baby, Anxiety
Tools of Empowerment: Chocolate, Giggles, Plaid, Slippers, Kindred Spirits, Art, Photography, Play and the Outdoors
Fave Clothing Style: Boots, great jeans and a cozy hoodie.


ALSO ON THE TEAM... New Pictures and Bios coming soon!

Melissa - Boutique Floor Leader
Lesley - Part-Time Sales Associate
Jeannelle - Part-Time Sales Associate
Jen - Model