March 23, 2017 - a {love} project evening for The Edmonton Dream Centre

Our {BIGGEST} Look Book Reveal Event EVER!!


We had the BEST time hosting over 100 people at the Spark Event Centre in Sherwood Park on March 23rd!! Not only did we have Live Music with Paul Woida Music, but we had TONS of Fashion, Desserts from WOW Factor Desserts, and LOTS of Sparkling Drinks!!

Our Silent Auction Tables included everything from Art, Jewelry, Baby Items, Hair Care Products and a BIKE!!! A BIG Thank You to the Following Silent Auction Contributors:

Lil' Stache, Delux Burger Bar, Little Sweatshop, Lauren Mary Holistics, Engravables Design Studio, Jillian Schecher Photography, Hayley Night, Glow Juicery, NailKeeper, Inferno Pilates Sherwood Park, The Original Man Band, Kemba Designs, T.Bolinski Photography, Dear Deer, LOVEPIZZA, Paris Jewellers - Official Page, Simply Stunning Hair and Makeup, To The Moon & Back, Flatter:Me Belts and JACEK Chocolate Couture


We stuffed MORE Swag Bags than ever before FULL of Items from the Following Vendors:

Engravables Design Studio, Spark Event Centre, Natura Soylights, Shoppers Drug Mart (2020 Sherwood Drive, Sherwood Park, Alberta), Flirt Cupcakes, Feel Good Syrup - elderberry syrup, Pedaller Designs: Life's Best Moments in Letters Nature's Elements - Sustainable Landscape Design & Nature Education

Our {love} project Give-Back Initiative for the month of March was the Edmonton Dream Centre and we were HONORED to have them on-site with us at the Event. The Edmonton Dream Centre provides a proven, accredited opportunity for women and their children who suffer from addiction, poverty, trauma and abusive situations. They offer counselling, tools for sober living, life skills development, and inspire hope by empowering real change for their clients through their program,  staffed by a team of caring professionals.

Thank you SO much to everyone who made it out! We sold out of MANY styles of Clothing, Jewelry AND Footwear with proceeds from ALL sales that evening, as well as throughout the month going to the Edmonton Dream Centre.



Teresa Bolinski
#SJLoveYourself, February 2017

This February we are focused on discussing the importance of people, especially women and girls LOVING THEMSELVES. Valentine's Day is traditionally a day to receive love from others but we challenge you to look at how much more fulfilling it is to love yourself before anyone else. We believe that to truly help empower women and young girls to feel their very best we need to start honest and open conversations with each other on topics that affect our well-being, self-worth and self-image.

There are a number of ways the Sweet {Jolie} Love Yourself campaign is being unfolded. We encourage everyone to participate in any way you feel comfortable.

• With the help of blogger Marisa Peters of we are writing letters to our younger selves. If you would like to write and share one with Sweet {Jolie} social media followers, please send your letter to, Subject:Letter to My Younger Self. Think, what would you tell yourself, knowing what you know now about life & love. This could be a message of self care, body positivity or having safe & healthy relationships. Really anything! You can read Marisa's letter on her blog and we have also put some of our team's letters below for you to read.

• Post a photo or message to Instagram that portrays positivity about self-love, self-worth, advice to young girls.... anything that adds to the Love Yourself message. Be sure to tag @sweetjolieboutique and use the hashtag #SJLoveYourself.

• The organization of choice to give back to through a {love} project in the month of February is YWCA Edmonton's GirlSpace. That means a portion of every purchase you make this month will go to this organization that helps strengthen young girls lives. Read more here.

• Stay tuned into Sweet {Jolie}'s Facebook page and Instagram feed all month for inspirational messages, contests and giveaways!

just trust us on this!!

Let's get talking!  #SJLoveYourself

Nicole's Letter to her Younger Self:

Teresa's Letter to her Younger Self:


Erin's Letter to her Younger Self:

Teresa Bolinski
Inside Sweet {Jolie} – an Insight from Heather

I found {Sweet Jolie} at a super important time of my life.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter, it was a super exciting/scary time in my life. Everything was new, and unknown, and for a type-a, super planner, I had a really hard time. I literally had no idea what I was doing, and it was really hard for me to accept that. I am a perfectionist by nature, and turned my career into planning events… I could plan a conference for 1000 people, anticipate their every need, and yet, caring for a baby was the biggest challenge of my life. When Sophie was about five months, I luckily was introduced to Nicole. Nicole at the time was running a day home while growing {Sweet Jolie}. We immediately clicked and literally have been best friends since. I remember thinking she was (and still is) superwoman. I could only (and barely!) take care of my one baby… she was taking care of 5 babies, her 3 kids AND running {Sweet Jolie}.

Sweet Jolie has been such a huge part of my {Mom-Life}. During my mat-leave for my second daughter I started doing photo shoots to model {SJ} clothing. That was MY time. I got to leave the girls for a couple of hours a week and immerse myself in the {Sweet Jolie} culture. Which for anyone who has had the privilege of being at {Sweet Jolie} headquarters/around the {Sweet Jolie} girls – you know it’s magical. I got to try on pretty clothes, feel good about myself and make a difference bigger than my day-to-day. I remember a specific SUPER hard day/week with my girls and I specifically put on my ‘Happy’ shirt, because I literally needed a concrete reminder that that was what I was supposed to be. I left the girls with their sitter, ran over to {Sweet Jolie} (this was my cardio on mat leave!) found Nicole’s ‘Happy’ mug for my coffee and got into our strategy meeting. By the end of that meeting, through talking about ideas for helping women feel their best and doing good for others, I didn’t need the reminder to be happy, because I actually was.

I LOVE the {love} project – it is my very favorite part of {Sweet Jolie}. I think it’s so important to do more than sell a great product. Because without a great heart, and purpose, what is the point? How are you making the world better? {Sweet Jolie} came into my life at a really big transition period and it sounds cheesy, but it actually has taught me a lot about myself and the person I want to be. For me it actually isn’t so much about the clothes (I’m a jeans and basic tee person 95% of the time!) – it’s about helping other women. Because at the end of the day your heart shows through whatever clothes you are wearing.

Today, I am literally living my dream… (ask me again at 6:30pm after a long work day and tired kids who REFUSE to admit they are sleepy if this is my dream!) But seriously. I started working full-time at the Make-A-Wish Foundation as an Event Planner (literally my dream since I was in university), AND I still get to be involved with {Sweet Jolie}. I get to plan and work with the venues for our amazing Calgary Pop-Ups, and the Edmonton Open Houses. I get to go on amazing look-book shoots. I get to work with THE best group of women who I adore and respect more than I can express. And MOST importantly I get to see the power that women produce. The {Sweet Jolie} community is like nothing I’ve experienced before, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.


Nicole RIce
September 2016 {Supporting Alopecia Awareness} Month - THANK YOU

We can't seem to find a bigger sentiment than {THANK YOU} for the Love, Support, and Encouragement that we have felt from SO MANY of you in the Community.

Our Initiative to Raise Awareness for {Alopecia Month} and the Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation was Embraced by SO many people in Media that it was Overwhelmingly Humbling to us.

A {HUUUGE} Thank You to CBC Radio, Shaw TV Edmonton, Sherwood Park News, The Edmonton Journal, Global Edmonton, Dinner TV and CTV Edmonton. The time you ALL took to meet with our Team, and with Kate, brought so much awareness to this Auto-Immune Disorder.

Another {HUGE} Thank You goes out to LOVEPIZZA for choosing to support this cause by making September 12-18th their {Love Gives Back} Week with Funds going to the Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation <3 Because of their generosity (and YOUR love of Pizza), they were able to raise $1500 for the Foundation!!

Thank you to {ALL} our Incredible Swag Bag and Silent Auction Sponsors at our {Fall Look Book Reveal Event}: Anchored Collective, JACEK Chocolate Couture, Bread and Butter Basket Co., The Factory Hair +Body Inc, E-Tech contracting Ltd, She Does Create, Berg and Betts, Hillberg & Berk, Teresa's Cakes :), Quinnzie Handwoven, Comfy Cozy Knits, Justine Ting-wai Ma, Engravables Design Studio, Little Grey Elephant, My Daughter Fragrances, Just Married Photography, Delux Burger Bar, Farm Wife Style, Jibe Prints, ILOVETHEMOON and Crystal Driedger. We couldn't have raised as much money as we did without ALL of your {INCREDIBLE} Products!!!

Thank you x a MILLION to Urban Timber Reclaimed Wood Co. for allowing us to invade their {INCREDIBLE} space yet again!! If you haven't had a chance to check out this location, it's a MUST!!!

We also have to thank our {AMAZINGLY} Hard Working Team for working a TIRELESS Amount of Hours this Month to make this Vision a Reality: Teresa Bolinski, Melissa Sorobey, Erin Boyd, Randi White and Heather Harcott - You are all {SO} Loved and {SO} Appreciated!!!

You can't know how much this means to the Local Alopecia Community, as well as to Nicole and Kenneth's Family. You have brought so many incredible Young Women together because of your Love and Support.

We are {FOREVER} Thankful. Kate is Thankful.

It has been {Overwhelmingly Emotional} in the best way possible.


Teresa Bolinski
Inside Sweet {Jolie} – an Insight from Teresa

At first glance one may see Sweet {Jolie} as “just another clothing boutique”, but stay beyond that first glance and you will learn there is so much more going on than a shopping and a fashion show.

I first took on Sweet {Jolie} as a photography client three and a half years ago. Nicole, the owner and I had instant rapport and connection of many levels. We both get excited over design and details - creative magic if you will, and we both have a strong work ethic and grounded morals of honesty and responsibility. Numerous photoshoots lead to many laughs and great discussions. Learning Nicole’s personal story of“why” she started Sweet {Jolie} and her dream for the company was inspiring to me. Every opportunity I was offered to work with Nicole in building her dream was taken without hesitation. Why? What is this dream?....

The Dream – Women embracing being REAL WOMEN. Celebrating the bodies they are in. Accepting the battles (big and small) that they have fought. Relishing in the tools they have given themselves to empower themselves.  Our now team of 6 women is diverse. We have walked some similar paths and many different, but we support and encourage each other. This celebration of each other is what we aim to pass onto all the women of the Sweet {Jolie} community.

It has been said before that within this company the clothes, the shoes, the jewelry…. They are the vehicle that drives a growing force of community building in which women are encouraged to love themselves in the present moment and find support from others if they are having difficulty finding that self-love.

My personal path of being a photographer has lead to a place where I feel my heart fits and my abilities can help a vision I see clearly come to life. You know you are doing what you should be if you feel an inner rush of passion and positivity. I am on team Sweet {Jolie} because my heart is on FIRE!

xoxo Teresa

Teresa Bolinski
Pamper Event with the Factory Hair + Body Inc. Was a Success!!

On Friday, July 22, 2016 we partnered with the newly opened salon, the Factory Hair + Body Inc. in Sherwood Park for an amazing pampering and shopping event that filled the salon ALL EVENING LONG! Even HOURS before, ladies lined up at the doors to ensure their claim to one the {typically} over-the-top swag bags we give away at events. Guests mingled, enjoyed tasty refreshments, sat for makeovers, hairdos, mini portraits, and of course enjoyed some Sweet {Shopping} with us. It was great to see familiar faces and meet some new ones as well. Thanks to all those who came out to make this an extraordinary evening. And, thanks to the Factory Hair + Body Inc. for being a fabulous team to collaborate with.

Teresa Bolinski