Inside Sweet {Jolie} – an Insight from Heather


I found {Sweet Jolie} at a super important time of my life.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter, it was a super exciting/scary time in my life. Everything was new, and unknown, and for a type-a, super planner, I had a really hard time. I literally had no idea what I was doing, and it was really hard for me to accept that. I am a perfectionist by nature, and turned my career into planning events… I could plan a conference for 1000 people, anticipate their every need, and yet, caring for a baby was the biggest challenge of my life. When Sophie was about five months, I luckily was introduced to Nicole. Nicole at the time was running a day home while growing {Sweet Jolie}. We immediately clicked and literally have been best friends since. I remember thinking she was (and still is) superwoman. I could only (and barely!) take care of my one baby… she was taking care of 5 babies, her 3 kids AND running {Sweet Jolie}.

Sweet Jolie has been such a huge part of my {Mom-Life}. During my mat-leave for my second daughter I started doing photo shoots to model {SJ} clothing. That was MY time. I got to leave the girls for a couple of hours a week and immerse myself in the {Sweet Jolie} culture. Which for anyone who has had the privilege of being at {Sweet Jolie} headquarters/around the {Sweet Jolie} girls – you know it’s magical. I got to try on pretty clothes, feel good about myself and make a difference bigger than my day-to-day. I remember a specific SUPER hard day/week with my girls and I specifically put on my ‘Happy’ shirt, because I literally needed a concrete reminder that that was what I was supposed to be. I left the girls with their sitter, ran over to {Sweet Jolie} (this was my cardio on mat leave!) found Nicole’s ‘Happy’ mug for my coffee and got into our strategy meeting. By the end of that meeting, through talking about ideas for helping women feel their best and doing good for others, I didn’t need the reminder to be happy, because I actually was.

I LOVE the {love} project – it is my very favorite part of {Sweet Jolie}. I think it’s so important to do more than sell a great product. Because without a great heart, and purpose, what is the point? How are you making the world better? {Sweet Jolie} came into my life at a really big transition period and it sounds cheesy, but it actually has taught me a lot about myself and the person I want to be. For me it actually isn’t so much about the clothes (I’m a jeans and basic tee person 95% of the time!) – it’s about helping other women. Because at the end of the day your heart shows through whatever clothes you are wearing.

Today, I am literally living my dream… (ask me again at 6:30pm after a long work day and tired kids who REFUSE to admit they are sleepy if this is my dream!) But seriously. I started working full-time at the Make-A-Wish Foundation as an Event Planner (literally my dream since I was in university), AND I still get to be involved with {Sweet Jolie}. I get to plan and work with the venues for our amazing Calgary Pop-Ups, and the Edmonton Open Houses. I get to go on amazing look-book shoots. I get to work with THE best group of women who I adore and respect more than I can express. And MOST importantly I get to see the power that women produce. The {Sweet Jolie} community is like nothing I’ve experienced before, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.


Nicole RIce