Inside Sweet {Jolie} – an Insight from Teresa

At first glance one may see Sweet {Jolie} as “just another clothing boutique”, but stay beyond that first glance and you will learn there is so much more going on than a shopping and a fashion show.

I first took on Sweet {Jolie} as a photography client three and a half years ago. Nicole, the owner and I had instant rapport and connection of many levels. We both get excited over design and details - creative magic if you will, and we both have a strong work ethic and grounded morals of honesty and responsibility. Numerous photoshoots lead to many laughs and great discussions. Learning Nicole’s personal story of“why” she started Sweet {Jolie} and her dream for the company was inspiring to me. Every opportunity I was offered to work with Nicole in building her dream was taken without hesitation. Why? What is this dream?....

The Dream – Women embracing being REAL WOMEN. Celebrating the bodies they are in. Accepting the battles (big and small) that they have fought. Relishing in the tools they have given themselves to empower themselves.  Our now team of 6 women is diverse. We have walked some similar paths and many different, but we support and encourage each other. This celebration of each other is what we aim to pass onto all the women of the Sweet {Jolie} community.

It has been said before that within this company the clothes, the shoes, the jewelry…. They are the vehicle that drives a growing force of community building in which women are encouraged to love themselves in the present moment and find support from others if they are having difficulty finding that self-love.

My personal path of being a photographer has lead to a place where I feel my heart fits and my abilities can help a vision I see clearly come to life. You know you are doing what you should be if you feel an inner rush of passion and positivity. I am on team Sweet {Jolie} because my heart is on FIRE!

xoxo Teresa

Teresa Bolinski